Milestone Game for Kim Murphy

Veteran CFL Official Kim Murphy reached two significant milestones on November 30th. Kim worked his 400th CFL contest and his 9th Grey Cup game.

Congratulations goes out to Kim from the CPFOA ...

Milestone Game for Jason Maggio

Veteran CFL Official Jason Maggio worked his 200th CFL Game in the West Final on November 23. When the Edmonton Eskimos played the Calgary Stampeders in Calgary.

Congratulations goes out to Ja...

Milestone Game for Ritchie Miller

Veteran CFL Official Ritchie Miller worked his 100th CFL Game on September 21st in Montreal.

Congratulations goes out to Ritchie from the CPFOA on reaching this significant milestone.

Milestone for Jocelyn Paul

Veteran CFL Official Jocelyn Paul worked his 100th CFL Game on Oct. 13th in Montreal

Congratulations goes out to Jocelyn from the CPFOA on reaching this significant milestone.

101 Grey Cup Crew
Front Row Steve Dolyniuk, Glen Johnson, Don Cousens, Darryl Baron
Back Row Ritchie Miller, Dave Foxcroft, Justin McInnes, Kim Murphy, Don Carmichael, Larry Butler

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